Inside out & outside in

The main open-plan Living Area is on the Ground Floor, facing East, and comprises a large sitting area around wood-burning fireplace and a large dining table, which can accommodate up to twelve people. The Living cum Dining Room is connected via eight large door windows to a panorama terrace with an open-fire sitting area and a large dining area.

Adjacent to the dining area, in an alcove across from the Kitchen – a professionally equipped Kingdom of a full-time local Chef, there is another smaller dining area which seats five and can be used as a dining place for children and/ or as a breakfast buffet. It is connected via two large door windows to the herb garden in front.

The wood-panelled Library with a small desk, two large armchairs, poker table, computer access, plenty of books and magazines, and a collection of LPs, is also located on the Ground Floor near the Living Room. Its door-windows open into a small yard where the wood for the winter is carefully stored.

Below the Ground floor is the spa area with a ten-meter in-door heated swimming pool with a jet, a steam room, shower cabins, an exercise area with free weights, and a massage table. Four enormous windows open onto a green lawn in the summer and a snow field in the winter.

Six distinct bedrooms form an oasis looking out at the surrounding mountain peaks and the ski tracks of Pamporovo ski resort.

The Striped Room, named after the stripes on the floor and south wall, is on the Ground Floor and faces East, it has four large door-windows and a balcony, a fire place and a bathroom with a bath tub looking North onto a secluded garden through a large window.

The Wooden Room is on the First Floor, facing North over the villa’s stone fence and into the neighbouring plum and apple orchards, and features a wall panelled with reclaimed wood from an old barn. It has a four-poster bed, an en suite bathroom, a log-burning fire place and sitting areas by the fire- place and the window.

The Stone Room is located on the first floor right above the Striped Room. It is named after the limestone floor (with under-floor heating), which covers the living area and the en-suite bathroom with a large bathtub, and has a platform double bed and a large sofa, which can be used as a second double bed, a chic writing desk by the window and a sitting area in front of the fire place.

The Oriental Room is also on the First floor, and is the largest room in the villa. It has a large en-suite bathroom with a Jacuzzi and a shower room, a walk-in closet, a writing area, two four-poster beds and two large sofas, symmetrically positioned on both sides of an open fire place. The Oriental Room commands stunning mountain views towards the East and the South, and especially of a peculiar haystack shaped hill and of Mount Perelik, the tallest peak in the Rhodope range. Thanks to its size and layout, it can accommodate a family with children.

The Terrace Room is on the third floor, right above the Oriental Room, commanding similar East and South views. In addition to a large sitting area by the East windows, the en-suite bathroom with a cement bath, the fire-place, a love-seat by the fireplace and a large log-poster bed, it boasts a large covered terrace with stunning views to the East, South and West, a larger sitting area in front of an open fireplace, and a Jacuzzi bathtub for eight.

The Glass Room is also on the Third floor. It is located right above the Wooden Room and commands similar Northern views. A glass panel separates the living room with its four-poster bed, fire place and sitting areas, from the en-suite bathroom, with its free-standing bath and a separate shower cabin.

The Terrace Room and the Glass Room are connected via a small corridor, away from the staircase, and can form an exclusive secluded large two-bedroom suite on the Third floor.


Art & Design

The decoration of the villa, under the guidance of renowned interior designer Marja Walters, seamlessly combines traditional and modern features, selected pieces from the owners’ collection of antique (Bulgarian, Chinese, Indian) and modern art (Liu Dong, Craigie Aitchison, Dale Chihuly), as well as photography and artefacts from the owner-family’s history.

Gardens & Terraces

The gardens of the villa are facing East and positioned over five terraces. The terrace on the ground level in front of the kitchen wing is used for growing wild herbs (dill, mint, nettle) used in the villa kitchen and local cuisine. The terrace in front of the swimming pool is stocked with chaise-longs, made from reclaimed wood, used for sun-bathing in the summer. The lower terrace has a water mirror with running water to help cool down in the summer heat; the fruit trees, planted to mark the completion of the house renovation, are bearing fruits, served to the visitors. A pavilion one the side of the water mirror is a place for a private contemplation or for a romantic dinner. The bottom terrace is the outdoors sports centre and can be used for games – badminton, les boules, volleyball and basketball, horseshoe throwing and for dining al fresco on an extra long table from a traditionally-made BBQ. Below the sports terrace lies the vegetable patch where potatoes, speckled beans and carrots thrivce in the summers.

Guest Testimonials

We appreciate that we were able to eat and drink right here instead of going to restaurants. We love all the shades of green in the forest and the fields. We loved the ‘small surprises’ and the ‘big surprises’. Thank you for the anniversary flowers and the cake, for the loving attention to all our needs. Thank you!Carol and Bill, USA
You are the best family in the Balkans! Never will I forget Orfeo’s birthplace, the six hour hike, the peppers picnic, being wet as mice and arguing about the useless young generation!Dame Emma Thompson, DBE, Actress, Screenwriter, Author, Activist, UK
I have never spent such a memorable day in the mountains. I am charmed by the summer beauty of the Rhodope Mountains, her bounty of flowers and herbs, and most of all, by your deep knowledge and special relationship with the plants that surround you. Our few days at Villa Gella have given me the eternal respect for the power of nature for our wellbeing and health. And you have such rich heritage fight on your doorsteps.Sophie Benge, Author, Healing Sources: Spas and Wellbeing from the Baltics to the Black Sea, Prestel
We have had a wonderful stay in the middle of the mountains. The villa is so relaxing and comfortable - every detail has been thought about. ... Words cannot describe such heavenly cooking... The walking has been special - meadows with wild flowers, pine forests and mixed forests, still some snow high up, deserted ancient ruins and empty tracks (except for deer and possibly a few bears which are ‘not too dangerous’)... We really appreciate the wine tasting and the joy of Bulgarian wine made with such care and pride.Sue and Philip, Canada
It was a wonderful place to stay, with outstanding food and outstanding people! I had such a fun/ great time here and I hope I can come visit again! Thank you!!!Helen, Norway
Топлина. Уют. Гостоприемство. Зимна приказка в сърцето на Родопа планина... Вилла Гелла е уникално съчетание на всичко това! Благодарим на домакините, колите ни подариха тези емоции!Матео, Дара, Ния, Ирена, Дечо
Villa Gella was a very special place for us to spend a very special time of our lives! Thank you for providing us with the perfect base for exploring and wаndering after the biggest day of our lives!Tom and Anna, honeymooners
The food was delicious, the setting was gorgeous, and the design and decor exquiste. Most of all, everyone was kind, lovely and hostiable. What a delightful place.Penny and Bill, USA
Villa Gella is an inspiring, inspired experience. The attention to crafts and tastes is apparent in the smallest details ... to the grandest gesture. ... Villa Gella is something unique to Bulgaria. Share it only with those who will appreciate this special place.Aza and Wendellen
Thank you for a wonderful week at Villa Gella! Your warmth and kindness made it feel like a home away from home! ... Our children have especially had a wonderful week! From planting beans in the garden, finding snails, playing badminton, all the delicious sweet ‘surprises’ from Dimka’s kitchen ... and best of all the traditional Bulgarian bagpipe music - all make wonderful memories on our first trip to Bulgaria (and definitely not our last!)Stuart, Jean, Oscar, Ivy
Hard to describe what we experienced here ... amazing nature, culture, history and your hospitality!! Bravo Villa Gella!!!Hiro Kusuda, Winemaker, New Zealand
Thank you for your amazing service! I really loved your amazing, luxurious atmosphere, your food and staff. I honestly am amazed of how much you could put up with my brother, you’re a hero. This villa definitely deserves those awards! Thank you for having me! I will definitely be begging to come back in the summer. See you in the summer! XOXIsabel, 7-year old, UK
... It is hard to decide if we should tell everyone about this place or if we should keep it a secret...Robert Young, PhD, Professor Coastal Geology, North Carolina, USA
The best trip of my life... Everything was perfect!! Great facilities, great view, great food and more than anything else great people! It was the most pleasant, unforgettable moment. I’d love to come again.Sue, Seoul, South Korea
What a wonderful & friendly place with such warm and intelligent people. It was a highlight of our trip. To spend time in your home with you was a great pleasure. Thank you so very much.TC Schwartz, Singapore
Villa Gella is a place we do not want to leave. We want to live here. It offers everything one needs for happiness. Thank you for being such wonderful people.Micheline, France
I had a great time at Villa Gella, it’s location is so beautiful, peaceful and make you happy. Dimka and Ivan are great hosts, the food is amazing, very healthy, the way they make the place for us with lots of hard work and love. The villa is a good place for meditation, yoga and skiing.Dr Isaac Mathai, Founder, Soukya International Wholistic Health Centre, India